Sanctioned Local Tournament Guidelines

To request permission to host a DDGA sanctioned tournament, click on EVENTS button via to send the application form to the Executive Director at least 45 days before the requested tournament date. There is no limit on how many an individual can host a tournament. There is no limit on the minimum of DDGA members required to play in DDGA sanctioned Local tournament.

Tournament Director (TD) must be an active DDGA member to be able to host the DDGA sanctioned tournament.

The DDGA sanctioned tournament must be a 1 day-long tournament. Format must contain 2 rounds. If the course is par 65 or higher, then can do one round and final 9 (27 holes). Example: doing Iron Hill with a par of 72, two rounds in one day would too much.

The DDGA sanctioned tournament must have the following: Men Open, Masters, and Amateur Division; Women Open available; and additional divisions can be opened based on demand/registration.

(*It is highly encouraged to wait until there are at least 3+ people registered before opening a new division.)

The DDGA sanctioned tournament’s Payout List for the awards must be posted before last round begins.

There is a sanction fee to sanction a Local tournament and the fee is $15. However, the TD must be a current DDGA member to qualify for the sanction process. Locals will get a DDGA’s tournament packs.

The detailed information must be shared with the Executive Director in form of e-mail AND tournament flyer must be sent. You may not advertise your tournament as DDGA sanctioned until you get the approval first.

DDGA will post your tournament information under their sanctioned tournament list on the website.

DDGA Director of Promotions will help you advertise your event per your request.

Before the Local tournament: You will need to send the detailed list of exact layout of course, such as locations of tee pads and pins for each division. The TD is also responsible to get the right information on SSA of the course so DDGA can update the correct SSA for the DDGA’s ratings.

Please acknowledge that DDGA has established an uniform system on player fees:

  • Local Tournaments should have a player fee of minimum $25 for Open Divisions; $15 for Amateur Divisions, $10 for any Women Divisions.
  • Regional Tournaments should have a player fee of $60 for Open Divisions; $50 for Amateur Divisions; and $40/$30 for Intermediate/Recreational Divisions.
  • Deaf National Championships should have a player fee of $150 for Open Divisions; $100 for Amateur Divisions; $75 for Recreational/Intermediate/Women Divisions; and $40 for Junior Division.


Requirements for the post tournament report

A post tournament report must be submitted within 10 days with the following:

  • Tournament results
  • Players’ full names, active DDGA Membership Numbers, and their scores for each round and total scores.
  • What and who receive the prizes.
  • Name of tournament.
  • Name(s) of course(s) played.


OPTIONAL TO BE INCLUDED IN THE POST TOURNAMENT REPORT (If this is a Regional or National tournament, the following is also required):

  • A written tournament summary report
  • Weather report
  • Group, Candid, and Top Finishers pictures or/and videos
  • Sponsorship and Donation Recognitions
  • Noteworthy news or announcements
  • New paid DDGA members?


Any questions regarding this application process, please contact Executive Director, at