History of DDGA

We are a deaf disc golf association that welcomes everyone to participate in the upcoming local and national tournaments. This website allows the community to participate with all of the people from around the world.

The DDGA was first founded by group of 4 people.Shayan Keramati, David Good, Kevin Harrer, and Chris Preston

The Deaf Disc Golf Association, a powerful disc golf community of the Deaf!

Originally founded in 2002 at Frisco, Colorado, as United States Deaf Disc Golf Association, we became Deaf Disc Golf Association after our voting members proposed and agreed at the site of the 3rd National Deaf Disc Golf Championship in Wrightwood, California. Ever since then, we have been working on increasing publicity, exposure, and educating future deaf disc golfers. Our tradition continues with our annual national tournaments which take place all over the United States. Want it to happen in your state?

Left to Right: Shayan Keramati, Kevin Harrer, Chris Preston, David Good.