•  DDGA opens for new fiscal year
  •  Jan. 1st, post FOUR tournaments dates (DNC and Regionals)
  •  After MLK weekend, open registration for DNC (75-90 days)
  •  Jan. 31st, remove old members for new year members on Facebook, members’ page
  • Jan. 31st, cut off date for people to renew membership for the purpose of ID cards (ordering IDs)


  • First week of February, open registrations for Regionals (at least 60 days)
  • President weekend, new proposals, new businesses, new discussions are due and sent to President@ddga.org
  • Last week of February start the process of running meeting with new proposal (one bill at a time) (Post up the order of agenda on which bill come first for the discussion)


  • Focus on New Business Discussions month (New proposals) April:
  • April 1, is end of new business
  • April 15th (Tax Day), deadline to submit DNC Bid applications (including, application form, $500, video of presentation) (Start date in 2018 for 2020 bid)
  • Last 2 weeks of April, DDGA reviews all DNC applications and cover bases with the ‘potential’ Chairpersons as part of application process. (Start date in 2018)


  • First week, DDGA post DNC bidders’ videos (Video Presentations), each day, one at a time (DDGA’s page and YouTube) (Start date in 2018)
  • 2nd week, DDGA members ask questions to the bidders (President lead the activity and members send questions directly to President and the President will post the questions to the bidders), each night, one bidder at a time
  • 3rd week, DDGA members vote on which DNC to play for (and to be kept confidential of the results and to be announced at the DNC: DDGA meeting)
  • May 31st, cut off date for people to renew membership for the purpose of ID cards (ordering IDs)


  • DDGA is closed, so can focus on supporting DNC event
  •  At DNC, at DDGA meeting, make announcement of new winner of next DNC
  • DNC event


  • DDGA gives support to DDGA members who play for USDGC or any major PDGA events
  • DDGA closed (Vacation time for the Board of DDGA)


  • DDGA opens again
  • DDGA wrap up with DNC
  • (Members: Anything needed to be added, contact Ian Jones)


Fun Activities: (no brain storming)

  • DDGA Raffles (New membership, DDGA or any merchandises, etc.)
  • Trivia Activity to win prizes
  • Logo designs contests (not original logo) (more on fun logo like pink ribbons in honor of women, season themes with deaf theme with disc golf theme, example: Halloween and 4th of July)


  • Oct. 31st, members’ renewal opens for new fiscal year Members Drive
  • Prepare for DDGA Regionals Open placements


  • DDGA positions opens for hire (Board, 2nd tier staff, and region officers)
  • November 15th, Turn in Tournaments dates and Register to sanction the tournaments for new year


  • Update the points system
  • DDGA wrap up end of year
  • DDGA closed for Winter Break