Kent Schafer #87

Player Info

  • Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
  • Region: East
  • Member Since: 2004
  • Membership Expiry Date: 2050-12-31
  • Member Status: Current

Tournament Played

Place Class Tournament City State Dates
18MA11st DDGA National ChampionshipsAustinTexasJun-09 to Jun-10-2001
11MA12nd DDGA National ChampionshipsFriscoColoradoAug-02 to Aug-04-2002
21MA13rd DDGA National ChampionshipsWrightwoodCaliforniaAug-01 to Aug-03-2003
1MA14th DDGA National ChampionshipsAugustaGeorgiaAug-06 to Aug-08-2004
3MPO5th DDGA National ChampionshipsSt. PaulMinnesotaAug-04 to Aug-06-2005
6MPO6th DDGA National ChampionshipsPaw PawWest VirginiaJul-08 to Jul-10-2006
3MPO7th DDGA National ChampionshipsEstacadaOregonJul-11 to Jul-14-2007
2MPO8th DDGA National ChampionshipsVaditoNew MexicoJul-23 to Jul-26-2008
2MPO9th DDGA National ChampionshipsSpringfieldIllinoisJul-09 to Jul-11-2009
4MA115th DDGA National ChampionshipsApplingGeorgiaJun-24 to Jun-27-2015
1MA4018th DDGA National ChampionshipsAllentownPennsylvaniaJun-19 to Jun-23-2018
2MP40DDGA East OpenSpotsylvaniaVirginiaJun-01 to Jun-02-2018
1MP40DDGA East OpenLargoFloridaMar-23 to Mar-24-2019

Tournament Results

Tournament Rank Class Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Semis Finals Total
1st DDGA National Championships18MA16366129
2nd DDGA National Championships11MA16568133
3rd DDGA National Championships21MA1636982214
4th DDGA National Championships1MA160575928204
5th DDGA National Championships3MPO5653586032259
6th DDGA National Championships6MPO757565215
7th DDGA National Championships3MPO67556332217
8th DDGA National Championships2MPO566159595733325
9th DDGA National Championships2MPO5356485128236
15th DDGA National Championships4MA164486959240
18th DDGA National Championships1MA40636260615525246
DDGA East Open2MP405862120
DDGA East Open1MP40545558167