Ricky Cornish III #51

Player Info

  • Location: Washington, District Columbia, United States
  • Region: East
  • Member Since: 2002
  • Membership Expiry Date: 2020-12-31
  • Member Status: Expired

Tournament Played

Place Class Tournament City State Dates
2MPO2nd DDGA National ChampionshipsFriscoColoradoAug-02 to Aug-04-2002
3MA13rd DDGA National ChampionshipsWrightwoodCaliforniaAug-01 to Aug-03-2003
11MPO4th DDGA National ChampionshipsAugustaGeorgiaAug-06 to Aug-08-2004
5MPO5th DDGA National ChampionshipsSt. PaulMinnesotaAug-04 to Aug-06-2005
4MPO6th DDGA National ChampionshipsPaw PawWest VirginiaJul-08 to Jul-10-2006
1MPO7th DDGA National ChampionshipsEstacadaOregonJul-11 to Jul-14-2007
8MPO9th DDGA National ChampionshipsSpringfieldIllinoisJul-09 to Jul-11-2009
10MPO10th DDGA National ChampionshipsWarrenVermontJul-21 to Jul-24-2010
4MPO14th DDGA National ChampionshipsVenturaCaliforniaJun-25 to Jun-28-2014
4MPO15th DDGA National ChampionshipsApplingGeorgiaJun-24 to Jun-27-2015
2MPM17th DDGA National ChampionshipsSalt Lake CityUtahJun-27 to Jul-01-2017
1MPODDGA East OpenPalmertonPennsylvaniaMay-20 to Nov-30--0001
3MPODDGA East OpenSpotsylvaniaVirginiaJun-01 to Jun-02-2018
3MPODDGA East OpenLargoFloridaMar-23 to Mar-24-2019

Tournament Results

Tournament Rank Class Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Semis Finals Total
2nd DDGA National Championships2MPO5456110
3rd DDGA National Championships3MA163645927213
4th DDGA National Championships11MPO625765184
5th DDGA National Championships5MPO51635663233
6th DDGA National Championships4MPO72746632244
7th DDGA National Championships1MPO61536033207
9th DDGA National Championships8MPO60595054223
10th DDGA National Championships10MPO58574973250
14th DDGA National Championships4MPO8857565240293
15th DDGA National Championships4MPO7561495831274
17th DDGA National Championships2MPM555657565348325
DDGA East Open1MPO6057117
DDGA East Open3MPO6063123
DDGA East Open3MPO565357166