DDGA Meeting July 28, 2006

9:06 p.m.

  1. Minutes – No Minutes from Mn2005
  2. Reports of Officers
  3. Check 20 page report typed out and at registration desk at Paw Paw
  4. There were no questions
  5. President remarked one missing item in TD report

Acknowledgment of Tracey Tasselli as Women Point Leader

  1. If want 20 page report – contact DeafDiscGolf@gmail.com
  2. Special Committees – None
  3. Special Orders – None
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. Due to no Minutes from Mn2005 – there is none.
  6. New Business

KRS-001, National Tournament Guidelines, PASSED

KRS-002, Point Guidelines, PASSED

KRS-003, Sanction tournament Guidelines, PASSED

KRS-004, Point System $10 per event, PASSED

KRS-005, move to recognize Officers are elected in the same year, (9 support out of 33) – due to ¾ vote require to amend constitution – FAILED.

KRS-006, Membership from nationals to nationals become Jan-Dec, (7 support out of 33) – due to ¾ vote require to amend constitution – FAILED

KRS-007, open bidding for 10th anniversary NationalsPASSED

KRS-008, Criteria for Membership/Tournament playFAILED

KRS-009, Establish regional CoordinatorPASSED

KRS-010, Covering Entry Fee for our champsTABLED to Oregon 2007

KRS-011, Hall of Fame Committee

KRS-012, Establish Regional CommitteeTABLED to Oregon 2007

KRS-013, President announce regionsOUT OF ORDER

KRS-014, Election Procedure for more than 1 positionOUT OF ORDER


Nominations for Tournament Director

  1. Dustin Warren
  2. No Opposition – ACL.

Nominations for Vice President

  1. Shannon Lally
  2. No Opposition – ACL.

Adjourned 10:12 p.m.

DDGA Special Meeting July 29, 2006 (with 24 hours notice)

6:32 p.m.

  1. New Business
    1. KRS-015, DDGA Take over NationalsPASSED
    1. KRS-016, Finalize Schwartz’s trial offer for 2 years and re-evaluate after 2 years to see if we continuePASSED
    1. KRS-017, Establish DDGA Hall of FAME Account and Fundraise at least $200/year; $100 from annual U.S. Deaf Disc Golf Championships and $100 from DDGA each year. Nominations for DDGA Hall of Fame shall be elected on any Calendar Year, not every year to erase overall DDGA Hall of Fame Account – TABLED to Oregon 2007.
    1. Establish Per Diem Policy to cover Each DDGA Board Member at $25 per Overall Annual Deaf Disc Golf Championships for Food/Beverage. 5 Board members = $125.00 annually. – PASSED
    1. DDGA to recognize NWDDGA (NorthWest Deaf Disc Golf Association)PASSED
    1. NWDDGA to recognize Washington, Oregon, North California, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Yukon Territory as part of the NorthWest Deaf Disc Golf RegionPASSED


Adjourned til next year at 6:54 p.m.