WA12 Meeting Minutes
10:38 PM Start Time
Billy Koch volunteers to be the meeting secretary.
36 People in attendance.
Nathan introduces the meeting guidelines and rules for behavior.
President’s report
Apology to members if been out of touch. New job and larger family have taken up more time, but still committed a lot of time working to get DDGA to continue growing as it has. We sponsored Non Stop Disc Golf RV $500 on the condition that all 4 of them; Will Schustrick, Dave Feldberg, Nikko Locastro, and Cale Leviska became members and visited at least one Deaf school. They had a 12×12” DDGA Decal put on their RV with all their member numbers and visited New Mexico Deaf School. They also visited Texas but power was out there so that did not happen; but they made an extra effort to reach out to Deaf players at tournaments they were at while traveling the country and spreading the good name of DDGA. Any tournament that is sanctioned by DDGA and asks formally, gets a sponsorship from DDGA consisting of discs, towels, DVD etc which varies. The exempt spot invite from USDGC is no more since they changed the format of the tournament and are trying a new format and want to see how it goes before trying DDGA again. Early Bird Membership. Start in October. Working on Tags. DDGA has been focusing on helping all nationals, especially WA12 and addin g more officers to help with the workload.
Membership Report
Working on Twitter and Mail chimp to improve communication.
Treasurer Report
Treasurer was not in attendance. President gave approximate Savings since Bank would not let President have access until Treasurer was there but has checkbook, check card, access to PayPal etc. Have $1700 in Savings (it’s 17 something but don’t know exact number due to maybe few transactions and interest since last entry in ledger) $600 in Cash. From sales, membership payments etc. $200 in checking. $0 in PayPal. David Tomlinson want to see $$ Finance report by Halloween
Goal *President added that it up to when the Treasurer would be back from his personal matters.
Tournament Director Report
Apologize for tonight delay of the DDGA meeting. Focused on sponsors for tournament. $15k in cash and merch came from sponsors, which took three years of building. Hope everyone has a great time and goes home happy.
IL ’13 Report
The information is all on www.iL13.org
Note: dates are plan A and plan B.
I will try my best to get plan A which is 1 week before Pro Worlds. If I can’t.. Then plan B = June 26th – July 1st.
Max size 144 players. First come, first serve.
Entry fees can be found via registration on il13.org
Online’s already set up via sponsor DGU.
Courses layout/plan TBA.
The website design was created by Dan Burton. Be sure to thank him for the pretty art!
If anyone interested in claim hole sponsorship – $50
Can be done via DGU.
If anyone wants to donate or sponsor – can give to you to bring home or contact form on il13 website.
CA ’14 report
selling Drifit shirts for $20. Will host at Huntington Beach. Struggling
with LaMirada since fees are expensive. More details to come at Il’13.
Hall of Fame Nomination
Corey Driscoll
Hard worker, VT10 TD, TD of many other tournaments, one of first members of DDGA and many more.
Dustin Warren
TD of CA02 and first TD to payout 1k at a regional Deaf tournament.
All voted yes, no nays.
Old Business
-year limit on Bidding by Jeremy Q.
Chad Leonard close discussion
Emil Cornish Second
3 for
16 Nay
Proposal failed from VT10 that was passed and Vetoed by officers in
New Business
Mike Gay
Moved to have DDGA to help youth disc golf to grow. 2nd by Nemo.
Amendment by Chad
set up a Disc golf camp.
*Nathan mentions he wants to work on a H.S. National Championship.
21 yes
3 no to amendment.
15 yes
2 no to proposal
Tan moved to close new business
Ben Ratell seconded.
Bids with power point will be given tomorrow at banquet for GA15
Chad Leonard moved to close meeting