Meeting begins 7:52PM

President’s Report by Nathan Boyes (Snap)

The DDGA newsletter in the play ers pack covers the majority of the report. Went over fundraising efforts like Purple sponsoring DDGA and the sparkle disc fundraiser. There are 50 discs, sell each for $20 with a free raffle ticket with it and drawing will be done on video to show who wins a free portable mach 3 basket worth over $350!

There was no end of year point winners in 2008-2009 because of low budget. With new revenue, able to catch up prize winners and increase winners in 2010 to 4 winners instead of 2.

The bid to USDGC is the highlight of the year for the president. Finally a Deaf player will be able to play.

Have a special recognition award for 3 tournament directors, 1 from the west, 1 from the east, and 1 ‘from anywhere”. Scott Martin of ODDGA got it for the West, Shayan Keramti of Deaf Island got it for the East and Ant Issacs of KDDGA got it for the “anywhere”. All did great job with sponsors and doing all parts of a Tournament Director’s job. The prize was specially made silver DGA discs.

Since we last had a big sponsor or more than 1 thousand dollars was in 2007-2008. We have spent over 4 thousand dollars on DDGA and still have over 1 thousand left.

Hope that LSDDGA work more with DDGA before hosting TX11.


Vice President’s Report by Patrick Harris

Trying to finish up with the 2009 Point system so can proceed with 2010 points.

Some clubs are downsizing, if any clubs need help on making things grow, please contact the Vice President for help.


Treasurer report by Scott Martin

Showed report through projector to show everything in black and white to all members.

PDGA and DDGA payments are taken care of quickly and all receipts are online. Scott showed everyone the different colors meaning different things like Orange means DDGA players, Blue means special like President Snap fundraised for DDGA $123, and Red means earning interest.

Since August, we have made $6,089 by the DDGA in fundraising, sponsorships, selling merchandise etc.

Already gave 1k to VT10, and $500 to each TX11 and WA12 for seed money. Money given to nationals depends on each year’s finances in DDGA. We want to continue to sell our merchandise. Have 8 new members and 41 renew members currently.

Sanctioning fees have really helped generate income for DDGA and helps DDGA grow and give back to the tournaments.

Scott explained 501C3 and 501C7. Only need to worry about getting these if our finances go over 10,000.


Director of programming report by Ricky Cornish

Kent Schafer was the only man to go to all nationals except vt10. Paul Thompson has attended 9 straight. Give a lot of credit to Scott Martin for helping with nationals and the Washington club. Suggest players to cooperate with DDGA on their tournament reporting and report them to the DDGA and keep track of the points themselves.

Nathan leads Open men by 100 points so far over Mike Gay. Nichola leads the women barely. The masters division is hot between Howard Thomas and Scott Martin. Amateurs are led by Nicholas Clark from Oregon but whoever wins Adv in Nationals will probably jump into the lead.

All the guidelines on how to host a tournament or bid for nationals are all on the website. Hope we can do vlogs on the website by next year. If there is anything that needs to be explained in ASL to explain it’s English version online, we are available to VP.

President Nathan gives the membership report for Crystal Groth

Working on DDGA tags. To get the newsletters, please make sure that Crystal has the correct email address. Hoping to develop a face book page for DDGA. Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st, but there are specials that run from October to the following December so get a couple months for free.


Nationals Reports by TX11 and WA12


We are expecting a package in the mail to give out to all VT10 players tomorrow. The Date of TX11 will be May 26-29, 2011. The website address is There is a early bird combo that will be guaranteed to make you want to register early. Listed Austin’s offerings like deaf club, deaf school, and sponsors. Showed list of players, sponsors, courses, photos etc in Austin. Expect to break the record of players in a Nationals, help us beat it.


Gerardo DiPietro is the chairperson for WA12 and will announce the 2 courses that will be used at TX11. Working with Chain Bangers to be the course pro shop. Hope to play one of the oldest courses in Washington.

Meeting adjourned at 9:17PM