Corey Driscoll #1

Player Info

  • Location: Harrisville, Rhode Island, United States
  • Region: East
  • Member Since: 2002
  • Membership Expiry Date: 2021-12-31
  • Member Status: Current

Tournament Played

Place Class Tournament City State Dates
27MPO2nd DDGA National ChampionshipsFriscoColoradoAug-02 to Aug-04-2002
9MA23rd DDGA National ChampionshipsWrightwoodCaliforniaAug-01 to Aug-03-2003
10MA14th DDGA National ChampionshipsAugustaGeorgiaAug-06 to Aug-08-2004
26MPO5th DDGA National ChampionshipsSt. PaulMinnesotaAug-04 to Aug-06-2005
19MPO6th DDGA National ChampionshipsPaw PawWest VirginiaJul-08 to Jul-10-2006
19MPO7th DDGA National ChampionshipsEstacadaOregonJul-11 to Jul-14-2007
13MPO8th DDGA National ChampionshipsVaditoNew MexicoJul-23 to Jul-26-2008
35MPO9th DDGA National ChampionshipsSpringfieldIllinoisJul-09 to Jul-11-2009
20MPO10th DDGA National ChampionshipsWarrenVermontJul-21 to Jul-24-2010
18MPO11th DDGA National ChampionshipsDripping SpringsTexasMay-27 to May-29-2011
13MPO13th DDGA National ChampionshipsSpringfieldIllinoisJun-26 to Jun-29-2013
8MPM15th DDGA National ChampionshipsApplingGeorgiaJun-24 to Jun-27-2015
6MM116th DDGA National ChampionshipsNoblesvilleIndianaJul-26 to Jul-30-2016
16MA4018th DDGA National ChampionshipsAllentownPennsylvaniaJun-19 to Jun-23-2018
4MM1DDGA East OpenPalmertonPennsylvaniaMay-20 to Nov-30--0001

Tournament Results

Tournament Rank Class Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Semis Finals Total
2nd DDGA National Championships27MPO6665131
3rd DDGA National Championships9MA2696970208
4th DDGA National Championships10MA1736165199
5th DDGA National Championships26MPO70737167281
6th DDGA National Championships19MPO848580249
7th DDGA National Championships19MPO766473213
8th DDGA National Championships13MPO6968797370359
9th DDGA National Championships35MPO776760999DNF
10th DDGA National Championships20MPO686361999DNF
11th DDGA National Championships18MPO856483999999DNF
13th DDGA National Championships13MPO94677099330
15th DDGA National Championships8MPM85795468286
16th DDGA National Championships6MM16566667269338
18th DDGA National Championships16MA4077756970291
DDGA East Open4MM16870138