Meeting started 7:30 p.m. Thursday July 12, 2007

In Attendance
Chris Preston – PDGA/DDGA membership
Kenneth Litherland – $20
Tiffany West – $20
Jeff Greer – $20
Chris Blythe – $20
James Wilson – $10
Corey Driscoll – PDGA/DDGA membership
Paul Thompson- $10
Carrie Driscoll – PDGA/DDGA membership
Dustin Warren – $10
Robin Johnson – PDGA/DDGA membership
Nicola Landry – $10
Howard Thomas – $10
Rob Huizar – PDGA/DDGA membership
Brandie Aguado – $10
Jeffrey Roberts – PDGA/DDGA membership
Ricky Cornish – PDGA/DDGA membership
Chad Leonard – $10
Tim Monigan – $10
Mike Gay – $10
Kent Schafer – PDGA/DDGA membership
Jonathan Gleicher – $10
Jason Maurer – $10
Nathan Boyes  – Paid January 2007
Tracey Tasselli  – Paid January 2007
John Murphy – Paid at SC  Bloomin Days
Mary Magee – Paid at SC  Bloomin Days

Paw Paw Minutes were not objected. Proceed to Reports.

Officer Reports were handed out before meeting to be read on individual basis.

Many times an individual with disc love is denied awareness, merely because the entity is unclear about their obligations or inexperienced with discing. As a result, one of the most effective ways to increase communication is to educate the public on disc golf and their obligations to the sport in both providing effective tournament play and how to increase participation. DDGA was able to provide insight toward questions asked by the deaf disc golfers.

A new club was founded in South Carolina *waves hand*

Sponsorship was acquired and donated to several local clubs upon request. We are continuously working on obtaining more sponsorship. DDGA has been working closely with Oregon to help iron out the kinks in hosting a national tournament. Kudos goes to Todd Hicks and the Oregon Crew to be on site working diligently to ensure that the visitors will enjoy their weekend at the 7th annual National Deaf Disc Golf championship. Deaf Disc Golf Association prides itself on the nationwide reach of deaf disc golf events.

Non-profit Tax ID status
This past year DDGA was faced a difficult situation, in need of finding a new permanent home address. Not having a permanent address caused a problem because we were unable to get a Tax ID number without a permanent home address. DDGA Treasurer Cornish came up with a solution by working with the Schwarz Financial Advisor Joshua Beal. Schwarz Financial Service ( Bethesda, Maryland) was one of the sponsors at 6th NDDGC in Paw Paw, Maryland. Beal is volunteering his services to DDGA. Cornish and Beal discussed about it for a long time and they came up with the solution to use Schwarz Financial Service’s address as the permanent address. Upon receiving DDGA President Schafer’s approval, the process has begun. The first step was to get DDGA recognized as the Article of Corp so we could become tax exempt. The state of Maryland accepted DDGA LLC on February, 2007. Cornish and Beal are currently working on 501(c) 3 which will lead us to getting a Tax ID number. The process is still pending in the hands of State of Maryland at this moment. Cornish will ensure a smooth transition for next DDGA Treasurer so we can continue working on this project. Afterwards we will receive a Tax ID and it is when we can start offering tax deductable status to all who sponsor us.

Membership Report
There are 73 active members. 21 are new. 21 * $20 = $420 52 are returning 52 * $10 = $520
WHAT Deduct Add Total Received amount from previous Admin K 1,302.00 1302.00 PDGA.DDGA dual membership K 535.00 1837.00 PDGA membership purchase K 470.00 1367.00 PDGA Affiliation K 20.00 1347.00 DDGA renewals K 30.00 1377.00 Disc Purchase K 1,339.93 37.07 Paw Paw Sponsorship K 100.00 -62.93 Sold 20 Discs for $10 each. K 200.00 137.07 24 Members for $10 K 240.00 377.07 7 new members for $20 K 140.00 517.07 Todd Thompson 1st time member K 20.00 537.07 Tamara Majocha refund for engraving K 20.00 517.07 MADDGA pay 5 tournaments 2007 D 50.00 567.07 So-Cal pay 2 tournaments 2006 D 20.00 587.07 Wisinois pay 1 tournament 2006 K 10.00 597.07 14 new members for $20 K 280.00 877.07 28 returning members for $10 K 280.00 1157.07 Shipping at $1.85 per disc* K 133.20 1023.87 Donation of 10 Discs to MADDGA K Shipping at $1.85 per disc K $18.50 1005.37 Donation of 10 Discs to Taloali K Shipping at $1.85 per disc K $18.50 986.87 Donation of 10 discs to Iowa K Shipping at $1.85 per disc K $18.50 968.37
Total: 2138.63 3,107.00 *note: Shipped out 72 discs for membership.

National Reports
Good news – DDGA was able to obtain Wrightwood 2003 and Augusta 2004 Reports to help out future nationals. It is our hope that Oregon will follow suit and submit a report so that we may add it to our collection. Local Tournament Reports Due to the limited number of staff on the executive board, the DDGA is asking local tournament directors to get involved. In the past, we tried to obtain regional representatives who would be willing to facilitate this information. This has not proven to be a success. We are asking the Local Tournament Directors to get in touch with our DDGA TD to facilitate information and remind our DDGA TD to update the points, results, and information on the website.

Point Leader – 2006
Men – Michael Gay
Ladies – Tracey Tasselli

Congratulations, the DDGA would like to recognize our 2006 points leader and award them at Nationals.
Points Leader – 2007 Results will be tabulated and announced soon. The season is still underway.

This is the year we run elections for President, Treasurer and Secretary.
The guidelines can be found clicking on the above respectable positions.

Nationals Bidding 2009 is open up to bid
As proposed at Paw Paw, 2010 is still open to bid.

Suggestions for future
-Build a strategic plan of action
-Identify our core goals and targets
-Obtain more volunteers to assist in the implementation of strategy
-Always seek out more sponsorship

Officer Reports were not objected. Proceed to Old Business.


KRS-010, Covering Entry Fee for our champs – PASSED

KRS-011, Hall of Fame Committee – See proposal KRS-017

KRS-012, Establish Regional Committee – Thrown out due to not clear proposal

KRS-017, Establish DDGA Hall of FAME Account and Fundraise at least $200/year; $100 from annual U.S. Deaf Disc Golf Championships and $100 from DDGA each year. Nominations for DDGA Hall of Fame shall be elected on any Calendar Year, not every year to erase overall DDGA Hall of Fame Account – TABLED to Nationals 2008.


KRS-021, Move to have point season last from January to December -PASSED

KRS-022, Move to copy PDGA Board terms- terms are voluntary and are not voted upon. – FAILED

KRS-023, Move to require that all national tournaments be held on national parks – FAILED

KRS-024, Move to set up policy that all future annual national championship tournament locations (e.g., East, West, Midwest, etc.) are rotated on a regular basis FAILED

KRS-025, Move that beginning with the 11th national championships tournaments, all bids must have a logo – PASSED

KRS-026, Move that bidders for the 10th annual national championships tournament must come up with $5,000, and give half of that amount ($2,500) to DDGA as a deposit.  REFERRED TO BOARD.

KRS-027, Move that current DDGA Members who do not attend the national championships can vote online (after either reading motions or viewing the motions being explained on a v-log).  REFERRED TO BOARD

KRS-028, In order to accumulate points for ddga, the tournament must have final nine – FAILED

KRS-029, To nominate and vote for all new officers at once. PASSED

KRS-030, To propose to set up regional coordinators for west and east regions – PASSED

KRS-031, Request Shannon to resign V.P. Position and replace with new officer – Out of Order

KRS-032, When we receive tax ID and have more than 5,000 in savings, DDGA officers will meet two times during the weekend every year all expenses paid by DDGATABLED TO 2008 NATIONALS

KRS-033, Propose for the president to serve two years TABLED TO 2008 NATIONALS



Secretary – Carrie Driscoll
Elected: Carrie Driscoll

Treasurer: Chad Leonard, Corey Driscoll, Chris Blythe
Elected: Chris Blythe

Meeting Adjourned 8:45pm
(due to park closing in 15 minutes)

Meeting called to order at 6:15pm Friday July 13, 2007


Vice President: Nathan Boyes, Tim Monigan
Elected: Nathan Boyes


2009: Springfield, Illinois
Elected: Springfield, Illinois

2010: Sugarbush, Vermont, Las Vegas, Nevada
Elected: Sugarbush, Vermont

Meeting Adjourned 6:40pm