DDGA Meeting – June 27, 2013

Meeting start at 8:45pm

President’s Report: Nathan Boyes

  • Explaining about the DDGA Officer position
  • Explaining about 2012-2013 progress: selling DDGA gears and raffling off DGA basket
  • Working with hearing players to combine with PDGA and DDGA together.
  • Did invest $1000 into Deaf National Championship

Vice President: Patrick Harris

  • Not a great year for me.
  • Facebook was awesome.
  • I am done as an officer, I am more of a supportive role.
  • Newsletter got harder to make each time. Did not get any stories from individuals. Facebok took care of it all.

Treasurer’s Report: Scott Martin

  • Explains about taking care of membership updates
  • Takes care of PDGA/DDGA payments.
  • Also responsible to place orders and shipping DDGA discs
  • Keep track of two accounts: Savings and Checking
  • Just spend over $1,600 on ordering discs and basket
  • Sending tournament package to DDGA-sanctioned tournaments.
  • Cannot able to get all the tournament reports from TD’s regarding to DDGA points.
  • Willing to train new Treasurer
  • Boyes: Ken Climo and Dave Felgburg wanted to donate $1K to DDGA.

Old Business: NONE

New Business:

I, Eric Hamlow, move the new name change from “Vice Presdient” to “Executive Director”. Seconded by David T.

Proposal: PASSED

I, Patrick Harris, move that DDGA’s Point system to be separated from PDGA point-earning and to restrict DDGA-points to only Deaf-hosted tournaments that are DDGA-sacctioned. Seconded by: Corey Driscoll

Proposal: PASSED

I, Jeffery Roberts, move that DDGA to be on hand to assist all Deaf National T.D. to be sure that things goes smoothly. Second by: James Frogy Jr

End of meeting at 9:30pm

DDGA Election:


Eric Hamlow accepted the nomination, withdrew.

Dustin Warren accepted the nomination.

Chad Leonard accepted the nomination.

Dustin Warren won.

2016 Bidding:

Rochester, Indiana, Minnesota bidded.

Indiana won.