DDGA Points System Guidelines
PDGE and Southern Nations merged

– The Primary Disc Golf Rules that DDGA will use is based on PDGA’s formula. (PDGA Handbook)

_ The points system that DDGA will use to calculate the scores will be based on Southern Nationals’ formula.

_ To be able to earn the DDGA points and point rewards from the DDGA tournaments that you played in, you will need to be a current member of DDGA to qualify for points.

– Non-Members: non-members are not required to be member of DDGA to play in DDGA sanctioned tournament however they will not receive any DDGA points or DDGA rewards.

– DDGA will be offering flexibility with each division (ie: not requiring at least three players to open a new division in tournaments, which is smiliar to Southern Nationals).

– DDGA POints are based on one point per player in each division.

See mock scenario below with 15 players.

  • 15 players registered to play in the division equals to 15 points.
  • One extra point is awarded for first place.
  • One extra point is awarded to player who registered for the tournament;
    • Example: 1st place will earn 16 points, 15 points for 2nd place, 14 points for 3rd place and so on until last place which earns 2 points.
    • It is NOT possible to get no points, even if you DNF the tournament. You will always get at least 2 points. (If you did not play the first hole, this will be considered DNP and withdrawn from the tournament)
  • If one player played in a division by herself/himself, s/he will receive an automatic score of 2.

– You are free of play at any PDGA sanctioned tournaments, but you cannot apply your PDGA points towards your DDGA points. Please see below, the DDGA Points Factor on each type of tournament:

DDGA Points Factor
Local Tournament = 1
Regional Tournament = 1.5
National Tournament = 2

DDGA Division Pools
(The pools are applied in National Tournaments)
A Pool = Men Open, Masters Open, Grand Masters Open, Adv. Masters, and Men Adv. Amateur
B Pool = Women Open, Women Adv. AM, Adv. grand Masters, Intermediate, Recreational, and Juniors

– Recreational and Juniors divisions will not earn DDGA points.

– How the DDGA points are being calculated: The points that you acquire from DDGA sanctioned tournaments will not be based on overall tournament scores when you play in different divisions. If your play in Open division; you earn points for Open division. If you play in Amateur division, your earn points for Amateur division, and so on. Separate points will be tallied whenever you play in more than one division.

See mock scenario below with points from playing in six tournaments in one year:

  • Tournament Local 1: Open division, 3rd place out of 15 players (14 points)
  • Tournament Local 2: Open division, 7th place out of 9 players (4 points)
  • Tournament Local 3: Open division, 5th place out of 12 players (9 points)
  • Tournament Local 4: Adv. Amateur, 2nd place out of 15 players (15 points)
  • Tournament Local 5: Adv. Amateur, 4th place out of 20 players (18 points)
  • Deaf National 1: Adv. Amateur, 7th place out of 33 players (61 points)

Results on points totaled:

  • Open division, 27 points
  • Adv. Amateur, 94 points

That is the total of points you will receive at end of year in each division. Points earned from playing in two divisions will NOT be combined. if you play in more than one division, you will earn points in each category.

– DDGA will award top two players in each division each region.

– DDGA will also award top three players in each division after all region standings are combined.

– DDGA will have its own ratings, based on PDGA Rating system, but no awards will be given for this. Awards will be given out based on DDGA points system.

DDGA points system