USA Deaf Disc Golf Association
Third National Annual Meeting
Wrightwood, California
August 3, 2003

President David “Farf” Good called the meeting to order at 5:29 p.m. at Wrightwood Ski Restaurant in Wrightwood, California.

23 members were in attendance.

Officers’ Reports

President: “Farf” is very pleased to see USA Deaf Disc Golf Association (USADDGA) founded and one of his dreams come true.  The present officers are currently serving a one-year term while we formulate our by-laws. Officers can then be re-elected to serve another term.

Vice-President: Shayan “Alien” Kermanti provided 9 pages draft of by-laws for USADDGA.

Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Preston reported that we now have number 81 members taken with USADDGA and 46 members are currently with 2003. Our balance is $703.94

Tournament Director: Kevin Harrer provided the point system (attached) to keep track of the membership’s participation with the tournaments. He also provided the form (attached) for the coordinator to fill out the report after their hosting with the tournament. He showed the plague award for the Champion of Men and Women and will require them to sign the contract (attached) if they want to keep the plague for a year.

Old Business:


New Business:

Jeremy Quiroga moved and seconded to nominate the new officers for 2004.  Withdrew and seconded.

Kevin Hendrix moved and seconded to vote to have the officers serve two-year term with yearly elections on two out of four officers. Passed

Jeremy Quiroga moved and seconded to nominate the new officers for 2004. Passed


President – Jeremy Quiroga – 6, David “Farf” Good – 6, Ian Jones – 3

Jeremy Quiroga – 8, David “Farf” Good – 7

Vice-President- Chris Preston – ACL

Secretary/Treasurer- Levi Anderson – ACL

Tournament Director- Kevin Harrer – 10, Mike MacAulay – 2

Kris Hatch moved and seconded us to be affiliated with USADSF. Failed

Jeremy Quiroga moved and seconded to have our organization name United States of America Deaf Disc Golf Association (USADDGA) to be changed to Deaf Disc Golf Association (DDGA). Passed

Stan Booth requests the Executive Board to decide which two positions of officers to have an annual election starting 2004. Refer to Executive Board.

Ricky Cornish moved and passed to close new business. Passed

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.  See you next year in Augusta!

Discfully submitted,
Chris Preston
2003 USADDGA Secretary/Treasurer