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Pro Worlds 2011 – Day 3

After the first 21 holes, Boyes was at +11, and with round 3 in the books, Boyes was able to climb his way back to even out his total score. The winds started out with 10-20mph and picked up to 30mph during the last 10-15 holes. Boyes confessed that the overstability of the Boss and Force helped him with factoring in the wind. He was able to birdie hole #10 which plays at 460 feet. His 60 foot birdie putt with a deadly downgrade behind the basket aimed true. Boyes was able to secure a total of 7 birdies and struggled with only one hole in the third round. He earned a double bogey on Hole 7 with 800 feet surrounded by multiple out of bound obstacles. Some would say earning a double bogey on that hole is luckier than most! All day long, crazy par saves from tight spots with a trusty IL09 red wizard kept him in the game. The birdies were earned off the tee with throws from the following: Hurricane, Force, Buzz, Nuke, Wizard, Buzz, and a Teebird to show how diverse the holes were.

Ashton is climbing back into the fray. He was able to score 86 on a par of 89. He got four birdies and safely kept his disc in bounds on all 27 holes. The highlight was a hard earned “5″ on the 1,288 feet hole with OB roped all the way to the basket on left and right side. Ashton was able to keep his disc inbound the entire length of that hole. Ashton also reports that Hole F was an ace run but earned no metal. The disc of the day for Ashton was a Destroyer. He shares that his mentality has changed. In the past he would obsess with the holes and now he has to ignore the past holes while focusing on the next shot.

Both Ashton and Boyes are candidates to join Team DGA in 2012. Look for the Squall and Hurricanes to become a staple of their bags.
Tonight is the Flymart and DDGA has a booth. Look for them there!

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  1. Nichola Landry Says:

    Yay, IL09 Wizard still rocks!! :)

  2. FARF Says:

    Hands Waving, Keep playing with deaf pride !!

    FARF tour

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